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  • Tiny Clasp by: Ekta Laddha 200.00

    Tiny Clasp is sharing an experience of parenting by a mother from an unborn child till the infant stage. It narrates the ecstasy felt by a mother when the little child clasps the hand of the mother at the time of birth. A child requires a mother at every stage of life and thus tiny clasp is especially during childhood as the growth and development occur primarily during this stage. The child is most inquisitive, sensitive, possessive, naughty, innocent, adorable, and lovely during this period. The mother of a newborn baby is usually unaware of the new requirements that are to be meted and thus sometimes gets confused about what to do at which time. It is not a handbook for parenting but a beautiful journey of a mother in nurturing a child and the process of becoming a mother. It tries to capture the precious moments of childhood and priceless memories of children enjoying their life. Motherhood is a blessing and it is being cherished through this book.

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