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    Madhura is a young girl who after her mother’s death went away to New York with her uncle leaving her father. Soon she came to her right age and was to be married to the son of one of her uncle’s friend. The date being fixed she now had come to India to invite her father to the wedding.

    MADHURA by: Sunil Seeke 127.00
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    This is the first book of the mini-series; ‘The Episodes’. The books in this series vividly describe the
    different quandaries, teenagers face and how those situations have an impact on the individuals’ minds.
    This is the story of Rishi who keep facing many arduous situations since his childhood. All those
    situations mentally affect him and make him emotionally impuissant. He is perplexed with his situation
    and keeps hoping for some miracle to transpire which changes his karma. Let us delve into the life of
    Rishi who has a fascinating view of the humans around him and visually perceive how he tackles the
    brain triggering situations. Embrace yourselves to Rishi’s character in his short and saccharine journey

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    Abhineet is not a traditional detective character, nor is he a cop. Although other detective characters are his inspirations; unlike them, he is calm, affectionate, and forgiving. He is an ordinary boy who is also flowing in the constant flow of life, like all of us. However, the situation and time brought an opportunity in front of him, to try what he cherishes; using his knowledge. He ‘bought’ the opportunity. What happened then? What did he learn? Was his project successful? Who was with him? And in the end, did our ordinary Abhi Da could become extraordinary? to know this, you have to read ‘Abhineeter Arambha’.‘Abhineeter Arambha’ is my first Bengali presentation in the ‘Abhineeter Adventure somuho’ series. English is coming soon, and for you guys, I have left a clue in this story, for my next story. See if you can find that clue. Get connected on social media.

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    Hello I am Aman Safiq, hope that all of you are safe and I hope that this book written by me, ZINDAGI KA SAFAR would be appreciated by you and somewhere in your heart you feel like this is the book you can resemble too. This book is written to express my feelings selflessly. I may even say some of these events included in this book may resemble parts of your life involving emotions such as motivation, happiness, sorrow, etc. Ultimately I would like to give all the credit for this book to my father Dr. Safiq Ahmad, who inspired me to write and always advised never to work half heartedly.

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    Thirukkural selected Kural science and psychological claims

    Thirukkural by: R Sriramkumar 102.00
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    Sometimes we love to live in stories and Sometimes stories live in us, But in both cases, until we bring it out we never know how far it will become special for someone. Happiness but Somewhere Else is a fiction which is Beyond Friendship, Love, and Life.

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    The status-quo of our country, the subject-facts,the mentalities of the people were discussed! It is clearly explained how some of the unscrupulous evils that plague the country are hindering the country from growing!

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