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  • Gita Ki Shikshayen by: Mukesh Rathi 220.00

    Life is a battlefield. There is a daily struggle in our life in between happiness and sorrow, good and bad, justice and injustice, and truth and untruth. We also need a skilled Sarathi like Shri Krishna to win this life battle. One should make the Bhagawad Gita their Sarathi. Gita has messages of the knowledge that direct us towards the right path to living this life. We should hand over the reins of life to this Gita’s knowledge like Arjun had given to Shri Krishna.

    This book will provide answer to your common questions ;

    How to perform your job or business effectively and successfully.

    What is the best habit for eating and sleeping?

    How to meditate and control breath and why it is necessary.

    What is the perfect nature, mode, character of human, enabling to take proper decision?

    Key to become the most successful and happiest person in this universe.

    How to live life with intelligently and happily.

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