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  • Shayarox-180 by: Harsh Vardhan Chaturvedi 1,100.00

    This book is compilation of Shayari written by me, Harsh Vardhan Chaturvedi over a course of 2 years. It captures emotions such as Love, Betrayal, Motivation and Loneliness, of course every reader would interpret each of the writing in a different manner depending on their perspective, circumstances and their experiences with their own life, and that’s what this book is intended to do. In our everyday life, we often feel that we are alone, or are we the only one facing such situations, but more often than not, there’s someone out there feeling similar things deeper and being left lonelier, however, if you feel like someone understands the words you couldn’t say, or would describe emotions that you couldn’t describe, you’ll feel a lot better and would help today’s generation to deal with everyday stress quite easily. Well, it is next to impossible to know everyone out there to the darkest of their corners and to be with them in every hour of need, however, some of the darkest moments have helped me to create this outcome of words that could be relatable to anyone in some way or the other.

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