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  • Indian SpoilSport by: Hari Babu E 200.00

    India is Presidential Democracy like U.S. India took chapters on Presidential elections and his powers from American constitution. Indian and American Presidents are indirectly elected by the electoral colleges. Indian electoral college consists of elected members of assemblies and both houses of Parliament. American President is elected by electors who are elected for that purpose. American President appoints secretaries to aid and advise him while Indian President appoints ministers for that purpose. Both Presidents have Executive, military and some judicial powers under Articles 2 and 53 of respective constitutions. Elected Governors have executive power of states in America; in India, it is President nominated Governors. American President cannot alter names, status and extent of states, but Indian President can, under Article 3. It makes America Federal and India, Unitary. Houses are legislative; Presidents are Executive. In India or in America, majority in the legislatures is immaterial to form and run governments by the Executive. Presidents may or may not hold majority in all or any of the state and central legislatures.
    Multiparty system and Midterm elections are unconstitutional. What is taking place in India, in politics, is comparable to what is stated under Pakistan constitution. India should return to Presidential democracy and two-party system duly respecting its own constitution or else, it is bound to lead to poverty, social strife, political instability, political immorality in the country and finally, to bifurcation of the country.

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