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  • The Souls were Yet to Sink – Kyunki Milna Abhi Baaki Tha by: Nooran Kaur 140.00

    This book is about the Journey of a girl who is carrying so much pain and emptiness inside but she is so kind, generous, loving, compassionate, confident and a dignified personality.
    Her Name is ‘SURBHI’ . Through this book my pen tried to write about her to encourage, uplift & motivate all the women who are unfortunately suffering or struggling due to ignorance or due to our society’s Judgements.
    This book will unveil many chapters of her house like Monetary issues , extramarital affairs, step brother’s behaviour, dominance, discrimination, love, romance , drama, royal lifestyle, Punjab Pakistan partition’s expressions & emotional losses.
    This book will tell about her life after marriage and how she gets out of it, how she goes through
    hardships and disappointments. But she never gives up Rather she fights for her identity, dignity and
    self-respect. She comes up with more courage, enthusiasm, positivity and strength. She hardly considers small problems in her life and doesn’t get shattered easily. She weeps, she cries, she requests, she goes through sleepless nights but she becomes a strong woman every day who sets an example for other emotionally, mentally and socially deprived women. As she is Awarded as a best Writer & Actress award in the end!
    She says that The Journey of a Butterfly is not EASY, it has to go through so much pain to get a new identity.
    Same way … To achieve something Better out of this Beautiful World, we have to go through Pains and

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