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  • Lilac Roses (Love journey of a Hopeless Romantic) by: Thabitha J I 200.00

    “If you either force love or healing, you will end up in severe pain. Both love and healing need patience.”

    This is the story of Siddharth, a hopeless romantic who is still stuck with his teenage first love Sophia. Losing himself in the hues of love, he forgets that this is an unsaid love. When a night reveals his grandpa’s heart-breaking secret, he learns there is an untold story behind every human. Sid messes up the chance with Sophia with his impulsiveness. When his innocence and bad timing lead to severe heartbreak, a life-changing situation happens. Will Siddharth get the love he deserves? Will he discover himself from the haunting past?

    Lilac Roses is a see-saw going up and down with rewinds of emotions, friendship, love and magic.

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