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    Manthan by: Praveen Pratap 207.00

    Manthan is a collection of Hindi couplets and poems. Manthan means brainstorming. And as the name suggests it’s a reflection of one’s thoughts during various situations and stages of life. Manthan will take you on a journey to explore and understand several forms of human emotions such as anger, pain, solitude, love, self-motivation, jealousy, courage, confusion agony, and anxiety that an ordinary human goes through in life but never talks about. It will walk you through the unseen side of the world and the way minds of people are influenced by the other’s
    behaviour, societal norms, politics, and harsh situations of life.

  • Manthan by: Pankaj Jain “Bala” 249.00
    Manthan is a simple path to luxurious life. It is a point of view towards life. Many times we are unable to achieve the purpose of our life. In fact, what are these negative aspects of life! Is it as negative as it appears or can it be seen from some different aspect as well? In this book some small experiments are given to come out of these negative thoughts like complaints, anger, fear and many more. Which we can use in our lives and decide for ourselves on how to use these energies to achieve our life goals.
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