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  • Tender Intimacies by: Piyush Thorat 499.00

    Peter, who has returned to his parent’s house in the times of the covid-19 pandemic, one day receives the notification over his phone that his old friend, Veronica is on Telegram. There it all starts with a chance of unburdening the old guilt he carried secretly for years. Something that he had hidden from Veronica, that had caused them to fall apart and now he is seeking redemption by telling her the truth behind his lies. The chance of telling the hidden truth to Veronica leads him on a journey of his past. The memories of Veronica and that unveils the past life of Peter in a very unique, non-linear storytelling style. The story focuses on the fragility of the relations. Some would survive but most would cease.

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    Piyush Thorat is a debut author from a small town named Buldhana, Maharashtra. He has completed his Graduation from Amravati University and currently pursuing his PGDM in Pune, Maharashtra. He is always been fascinated by the story and from an early age wanted to become an author. David is his debut book.

    David by: Piyush Thorat 199.00

    David is the book that circulates around the protagonist of the story. This story, which started from a single blog turned into series of blogs and took the form of a story and now a book. The book highly focuses on the personal life and the challenges faced by a young man. It explores the depth of relations with people and the misery and happiness that generate from them.

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