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    Attractive lovely rhyming poems that will give every thought wings and will take you to the mirror of world and its reality. Will make you realize how cruel and beautiful the world is, means showing the positive as well as negative side of the world and people. How some people struggle and win or get tramped on by the heavy murders of dreams and a man’s thoughts.

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    If you were to live the most daunting thought of your life, how would you live it? What if the scariest darkness of your life can bring infinite light to your life? In the Bestselling work ” Vague Thoughts of a Lucid Mind” poet Pankhuri Pareek has given your dark thoughts a scintillating side. The poet wins the thoughts of a young as well as of an mature mind. The rhymes and words inside this book reveals that part of your mind that was hidden beneath the sheets of darkness. Get ready to unlock the secrets of Bright Side of The Dark

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    Leaves of life is a collection of poems written by D. Brinda on various aspects of life . Most of the poems are short on various themes and genre. These poems were written during this lockdown period in the WhatsApp group of Profound Writers , Creative Writers and Crazy English teachers groups.

    LEAVES OF LIFE by: D.BRINDA 250.00
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    The book is all about emotions and feelings. Better to say, it is the expression of observations and emotions. Beauty, happiness and pain of relationships, love and separation, socio-political conditions, migration, gender issues, casteism and regionalism are few of the inspirations taken in the book in the form of poems. “Chupi ki Awaz” will give you favour of the innocence of childhood, maturity of professional life, the pureness of the relationships and the satire on the politicization of society. Interestingly illustrations have been done with the reference of each and every poem. “Chuppi is Awaz is the amalgamation of both Visual Art and Poetry. Both of the art forms are directly associated with the author.

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    This book are very close to my heart, cause the poetry I have written in this book are on the basis of our social and personal life pushdown. in this book I have written romantic, social life and poetry. I have felt when writing this book you felt also, and enjoy the poetry author written in these book.

    Heart Beats by: Sachin Umale 100.00
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    Hello readers, This is a non fiction book which is written to motivate peoples. “The world where I
    remained” will give you a essence of your life.

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