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  • प्रिय सखी by: Dr. SHIV CHARAN CHEDWAL 250.00
    Friends this Ghazal collection is the result of rhyme restrictions of the past few years. Due to being a teacher of history, a series of thoughts sometimes sprout in the mind and heart, or the experiences of his and other lives also start flowing. Perhaps these ideas and experiences got aligned with the pen and these ghazals came out which I still consider as rhyme or I can say that I am still a scholar in Ghazal mode. Therefore, I will apologize to friends who read this book for my mistakes.The subject of the Ghazals presented in the book Ishaq, Mohabbat, Zindagi, Turjba, Environment Amiri-Poverty, Female identity, Humankind, Farmer, Labour and more, covering various behavioural and psychological aspects of life. As far as originality is concerned and it is a big question, it is a completely original work of the author. Nevertheless, the author believes that the source of our word power is often the talk of literature and society, so from the point of view of words or lines, even if some words or one line match with other compositions, there are no big surprises. However, the author takes complete care about originality.From the linguistic point of view, only simple words in Hindi and Urdu have been used in these ghazals so that the common person also gets a sense of ease. The author has focused more on the subject of Ghazals rather than on craft artifacts.Friends, the author believes that unless there is a criticism of a work, there is little scope for improvement, so you are earnestly requested to do the work of attracting the writer’s attention towards the shortcomings of this work. However, a true writer knows his shortcomings and also makes continuous efforts to correct them.Hopefully you will like these ghazals and if not more then it will also help you in finding answers to some questions of life. The author’s aim is also only this and that.Dr. Shivcharan Chedwal * “Shivasakhya” *
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