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  • Raamaanand Saagar Dvaara Prasaarit Raamaayan – Ek Aadarsh Katha by: Ramesh Chandra Sharma 201.00

    The book, “Ramanand Sagar Dwara Prasarit Ramayana — Ek Adarsh Katha” is the story of Lord Ram’s life and teachings from His life time written in simple and lucid Hindi language. Reading this book will imbibe in the readers a clear understanding about the life and teachings of Lord Ram. In simple language the author has tried to generate amongst the readers a clear understanding on how an ideal family and its relationships thrive. Lord Ram who is considered as “Maryada Purshottam” exemplified through his life how the duties towards the family and the society are conducted. Readers of this book will get an insight into how an ideal relationship should be, in the context
    of father and son, brothers, husband and wife and King and subjects. It provides a deeper appreciation towards the importance and the value of truth, religion and justice. This book will educate readers about the highest devotion, highest knowledge, highest asceticism and highest moral etc. The Author believes that this book will provide guidance to its readers in performing day to day activities and help in resolving family problems.

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