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  • Ranjesh’s Practical Golden Global English Speaking Course for Trainers & Trainees by: Ranjesh Kumar 384.00
    This book introduces you the basic concept of English Speaking Courses for Trainers & Trainees – in a concise manner. This book is meant for all Trainers and Trainees who are interested in developing their skills in Speaking English. More than an English Speaking Course, this book will motivate you to enhance your speaking and interaction skills. If you are learned but  lack the skill of Speaking English, this book is a must for you all. It may be useful for masters, trainers to train English teachers and students in one of the major skills of English Speaking Courses. This book will help readers, learners, trainers and trainees to overcome communicative problems in English.
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    Welcome to Ranjesh’s Practical Global English Language and Communication Skills for everyone. This book is specifically designed as the best fundamental book in the field of English Language and Communication Skills. Each chapter of this book explains every appropriate concept from basic to advance in depth with appropriate examples in a beautiful and realistic manner which will motivate you enthusiastically to become the expert of English Language and Communication Skills effectively.This book is a practical guide not only who improve and to be strong in your English Language and Communication Skills which includes verbal, non-verbal, technical and written communication in business with full of proven tips and techniques but also provides vital guidance on improving and to be strong in Professional Writing, Speaking, Listening, Comprehension. This book will directly impact on your career development, Spoken and Written English, Job Interviews and in professiinal life, establishing good commercial relationship, networking and business successfully.
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