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  • Transitioning by: Rushika Chawla 200.00

    “Transitioning” is a journey in itself about the difficulties of life. It explains the life and struggles of a woman in various stages and situations. The book purely focuses on the mental state of various hardships like abuse, death, self-harm, depression, and anxiety, etc. but also passes on to the feelings of love, power, self-love, and inner peace.

    The poems in the book explicate the birth of a girl in the society, their expectations, bullying, her fight for her own identity, her first love, aftereffects of loss, sexual abuse, the consequences of various ordeals, failing mental health, continuous attempts at finding herself, self-harm, death of a close one, different kinds of love, and ultimately her realization about life and different stages of life through all the hurdles thrown on her path.

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