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  • Double Murder by: Sanjay Tejaswi 195.00

    As is being known from the name ‘Double Murder’ itself, it is a Hindi novel based on criminal incidents. There is a murder mystery in it as read in books on criminal incidents, who did it? Why did you do it ? How did you do it ? With so many questions, your mind starts to thrill to reach the end. In this novel too, everything is there, for the murder of criminals, without using knife, bullet, in scientific methods, chemistry physics chromosomes have been used. The police, which are said to be full of every mechanism, fail to get to the root of the incident. After the murder of Prince’s parents, the person under suspicion is murdered before he can reach him. And in solving this mystery, Atharva gets engrossed in the depths of hair. Success comes but after losing a lot.

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