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  • A Guide to Laboratory Techniques in Pathology by: Shameem Shariff 840.00

    A Guide to Laboratory Techniques in Pathology is aimed at providing detail on all procedures used in any Pathology Laboratory in the branches of Cytology, Histopathology, Museum and Autopsy techniques; Molecular procedures and Photography. Cytology deals with specimen collection, processing of material; fixation and staining as well as Standard Formats of reporting. Techniques in Histology deal with the journey of specimens from receipt to its exit in the form of the finished reports – Fixation, Processing of tissue, Section cutting, Principles, Indications and time tested procedures for all Routine staining and Special stains. Colour photomicrographs detailing the clarity and results of special stains are included. A precision based manual amalgamated with years of experience of the author this is a comprehensive hands on reference book for residents in Pathology, surgical pathologists, cytologists, and technicians.

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