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  • salt air on my waves by: Shreya Gunda 299.00

    Salt air on my waves takes readers through a journey of love, growth and dreams. Every poem deals with different emotions, it reveals a path for readers to walk within the words. The collection is a sweet look for lovers surviving in love, a medicine full of strength for someone who’s healing and moving on from the past, a magic unveiling your real dreams and your real self for hearts who are discovering their purpose. In this book you’ll find notes to self which inspires you to live every moment to the fullest with no regrets welcomed. A good book can possibly bring a change in you but this one brings a life in you. This book is a raging ocean with running waves, you will find the darkness, the moonlight, the stars and then the hope, the better version of yourself, the love you deserve, the life you want.

    Nothing is stable when your thoughts wander and the poet exactly gives you the calmness you are hunting for. Diving inside this book you’ll explore the journey of rooting, raising and blooming. At the end this is a farewell filled with colors of new beginnings, hopes and everything that exists to bring you happiness

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