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  • दस्तक (Dastak ) by: Sneh Dutt 199.00

    The book “Dastak” is a collection of poems in Hindi with a mix of Urdu words. This combination has added to the beauty of expression. The poems in the book are broadly divided into two categories. The first is about Life and experiences. The poems in this category touch the aspects of Emotions, Challenges, Desires, Relationships, Love, Motherhood, Self-respect, Identity, Hope, and Perseverance. The expression in poems is Women-centric but the emotion is relatable to everyone. The content of the poems will help in developing an understanding of emotional needs and the importance of reciprocation. These poems are mirrors of your own thoughts, realizations, and unspoken words.

    The second category of poems is about concern for Environment and Social issues like Child labor, Trafficking, Gender bias, Atrocities on women, Poverty. These poems depict the pain, turmoil, and social apathy in a simple, grounded, and touching manner. The poems in this category will trigger a thought process in you. These poems will bring you to a state of awareness and self-reflection.

    The book” Dastak” will take you to your own journey of feelings and emotions and will give meaning to them.
    The character of the poems in this book will bind the readers and keep them engaged
    A must-have collection for your library.

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