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    In Kishkindakandam, a wailing Sri Rama continues his search for Sita. Sri Rama meets Sugriva and accepts him as his friend for killing his elder brother Vali, the vanara king of Kishkinda. Sugriva narrates his story of how he is being bullied by his brother Vali for no fault of Sugriva and his inability to enter Kishkinda and be with his wife Ruma. In order to clear the doubt about his valour, Vali being an in conquerable warrior, Sri Rama proves to Sugriva by piercing the seven trees and also effortlessly kicking the huge stone. Based on Sri Rama’s support, Sugriva calls Vali for a fight. Both being identical twins Sri Rama could not differentiate between the two during the fight. Sugriva is once again defeated by Vali. Sri Rama requests him to wear a garland to distinguish Sugriva and kills Vali by hiding behind a tree. Tara, the wife of Vali weeps and accuses Rama of his deceit. Sri Rama justifies his action. Sugriva is crowned as the king of Kishkinda with Angada, Vali’s son, as crown prince. Sugriva invites all the vanara warriors from all over India and directs them to proceed in search of Sita in all the four directions. Sri Rama gives Hanuman his ring to be given to Sita if he finds her. Hanuman and other vanara warriors proceed in the direction of South in search of Sita. On getting frustrated in not finding Sita, when they decide to commit suicide, they meet Sampati, the bird who tells them that Sita is in Srilanka. Hanuman prepares to cross the ocean.

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