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  • My life my responsibility by: Syed Ayaz Uddin 250.00

    This book aims towards discovering the missing link between the conventional school and college education and ones awareness towards his/her inner self that needs to be unleashed by all; by himself / herself . Self awareness, Inner strength, Emotional fitness and a Vision for a compelling future, it’s something which is indispensible for an individual. Such essential skills are required for being a better person and to lead a successful life. And the best thing is that, these could be learned and developed through practice. As Great things begin from inside, personal transformation also comes from inside. It’s true that we cannot control what others do, but we can certainly control our own decisions and behaviors. In order to achieve personal effectiveness, one must be committed and be able to think with a long-term perspective. The road to become a positive, self aware and Value driven person in your life is not always easy, it needs commitment. The book serves as the first step towards exploration of one’s own life through the treasury of thoughtful and insightful self help tools. It’s an effort to Empower and equips one to Step ahead with confidence, moving out of their comfort zone and thereby acting as a bridge between their Future and Past.

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