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  • The Sun Shines Bright Here by:  Shayna 199.00
    “Come with me,
    Together, let’s embark on a journey,
    To the mystical land of contentment.
    Let me hold your hand,
    Let us run across the meadows, to the top of the mountain.
    For I promise,
    The view will calm you, soothe you
    Make you feel at peace.
    A gentle breeze will drift you away,
    from sorrows of the shallow land.
    If you get tired in between,
    We can rest at the sojourn of happiness.
    For I promise,
    The road is not too long
    Only a little rough.
    But we will get there,
    All in good time.”
    The Sun Shines Bright Here is an unconventional self-help book that starts with a real-life story. Shayna recalls her mundane struggles with introversion, anxiety, self-esteem and love. As she makes her way through her everyday life, she slowly unravels the bitter truth as well as saccharine beauty of this world.
    Her life is not legendary. She is not legendary. But her story is. Why? Because it’s yours!
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