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  • Time to Explore An Anthology of Poems by: Ajit Karigar 200.00

    Deploring the gross materialism of the modern men, who have been ruining natural resources ruthlessly the poet implores earnestly to save the same for the generations to come to rid of their curse and to earn their bliss. Young poet Mr. Ajit's adoration of human values and virtues, issuance of clarion call, and earnest appeal to the present-day youth to develop rational and scientific approach to the festivities speaks volumes about his love of humanity. Celebration of mother's affection, feeling of pride for the motherland, appreciation of the beauty and greatness of
    Mother Earth are the stock- in trade of his poetic utterances. Good manners are good basis of good life goes an adage. It is good manners and etiquettes that bring dignity to humans who are the dazzling jewels in the crown of God’s creation. Hence the poet holds high several mannerisms in host of his poems. His fervent wish and ardent hope to usher in better and beautiful prospective world are the flora and fauna of this poetic creations. Let this budding, sensitive, sensible poet scale a lofty literary height and succeed in his endeavor to convey his tender passions genuinely through poetry to increase the happiness of readers.

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