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  • Deal with Draveen by: Tushar Tandwalia 350.00

    My endless love and infinite guilt unleashed his revenge for blood.

    A man named Tiyash, is dying in his car after a brutal attack on the outskirts of Gururgram. He takes a long breath which is supposed to be his last and finds himself in a place where there are no living beings. A surreal red atmosphere envelops the place, with an eclipsed sun and two bright lights running end to end. He meets a strange man in the wilderness named Draveen and they both get comfortable with each other and Tiyash shares his broken love story with him. Draveen offers him a deal and asks for something in return.

    But who is Draveen? What is this place? What deal does he offer? What does Draveen really want? And why did he choose Tiyash? A series of murders take place and the police investigation begins. A love story turns into a horror story and then a revenge story. An Aghori awakens and realizes there is a war coming which will shake the loka (realms). Is this destiny taking its shape or karma fulfilling itself? But in the end, will love win?


    The book is a horror romance fiction that touches various aspects of mythological beliefs. It is the first in the trilogy.

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