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  • Vaidic Ganita – Book I – A Systematic Approach to Vedic Mathematics (Pre – Order) by: Priti Gorsia Chawla 750.00

    There are numerous book on Vedic Mathematics authored by scholars and trainers. Vaidic Ganita I is a simple book which can be followed by all and has a systematic approach towards learning the subject. The content, therein, been organised in such a manner that the student learns
    a) the basic formulae (sutras), corollaries (upasutras) and special methods (vidhis) used and
    b) the basic arithmetic topics using the aforementioned methods.
    The concepts are explained in an easy to understand language supported by a few worked out examples.With regular practice, a student will be able to solve arithmetical problems mentally and quicklythus increasing focus and keen observation skills. This subject is also considered as a great brain development program.

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