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  • Your Seasons My Seasons by: Dr. Vidya Nidhi Chhabra 581.00

    If children are the hope of the future, and the future of hope, will they be able to save the earth, its ecology, its birds, animals and forests, its mountains and rivers? Yes, they will. This book of stories will show them the way. The three stories of this children book take us to the world of flowing river of the rainy season, where oldie tree sways on his leaves, talkative greenie bird flies with a twig in its claws and the baldy defaced mountain cries for help. This is the world of the proud but hurt tiger and the extremely hungry, lonely crocodile. They all want to speak out and share their life stories. Are we ready to listen to them? Oh, if we really listen to them, their mysterious and magical tales, our life might change forever. This is also the world of clever and greedy rabbit, naughty monkeys and mean humans. These stories are a bitter reminder that human beings these days get their happiness by torturing other creatures. These are stories for children. But what are stories for children? They are the stories that take us to the magical lands to hear the deep and dense heartbeats of nature. They are stories for all of us — children, teenagers, the young, adults; cousins, aunts, nieces and nephews, friends, and their friends, mothers, sisters, grandfathers, grandmothers. They are the endless inheritance of our eternal relationships. Certainly, especially for those who have grown old, but still feel young and child- like, still full of wonder and curiosity, for them, these stories are a trip down their lovely memory lane.

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