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    Neeta Thakur

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A Bond Beyond Seasons

by: Neeta Thakur
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    This story sheds light on the difference between love and attraction.
    ‘love + trust + honesty’ = A Bond Beyond Seasons. A dashing lawyer Srishti. A supportive boyfriend Akash, who was a fellow lawyer and an enthusiastic writer. As the love between Akash and Srishti is deepening their love boat is hit by a storm in the form of glamourous model Pratyusha. The fearless lawyer in Srishti can’t stop herself when she sees injustice being done to Pratyusha and takes up the challenge to get justice for Pratyusha. While struggling to get justice for Pratyusha Srishti never even realizes that there is something wrong happening in her own life. The silent acceptance of one sided love for Akash by Pratyusha. Akash has complete trust in Srishti’s love but does Srishti as well have faith in his love? Would the bond between them be strong enough to survive the storm and emerge a bond beyond seasons? Keeping aside her personal issues is advocate Srishti able to get justice for Pratyusha?

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ISBN: "978-93-88287-63-0"
SKU: 1919
Publisher: BlueRose Publishers
Publish Date: 2018
Page Count: 250

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