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    Sagar Allone  

ISBN: 978-93-90432-63-9

A Boy in a Wonderland

by: Sagar Allone  

Rick’s desire to achieve anything, even after losing everything, never ended.  He found himself in the middle of nowhere where he had to take care of an orphan kid. He decided to leave his own home in search of a new life


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About This Book
    This is a story of a boy named Rick whom I met by coincidence when he got badly injured in a horrible road accident in Delhi, along with a 5-6 years old child. I came to know about his life from his diary that the child was an orphan kid like Rick, and that he was raising him like his own son.  Rick was also in love with a girl from his school days named Avni. But he could not express his love to Avni, and one day he lost Avni along with everything he loved. He was left with only one orphan child due to circumstances, whose upbringing had now become the motive of his life. But as circumstances changed, one day Rick had to leave his city forever with that orphan child. But after 5 years, by coincidence, he encounters Avni,  whom he loved since school days.  Gradually, Rick started regaining everything he lost in the past. But one day unfortunately, he lost his life in a car accident.”
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ISBN: 978-93-90432-63-9
SKU: 4815
Publisher: BlueRose Publishers
Publish Date: 2020
Page Count: 227

Meet the Author
Blue rose author
Author, internally is optimistic, and has the ability to see life in a different way, currently working as a freelance Assistant Director in Bollywood. He has also been worked with a Mumbai based renowned hospitality industry as a Take Over manager, an expert and advisor in love and life issues, feel pleasure to give free advice to people suffering from anxiety and depression, specially for teenage students.  

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