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    Sunil Sachwani 

ISBN: 9789390119110
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A Certain Kind Of Selfishness 

by: Sunil Sachwani 


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About This Book

    Life in modern times can be hectic. The world has become smaller and people more interconnected because of technology. So the pace of life is faster and more intense. There are likewise more of us sharing the planet’s resources, making the atmosphere around us more competitive. Most people have their attention fixed on working hard to stay afloat in this fast-paced, stressful environment. Thus, living in today’s world poses a challenge as the pressures of daily life make coping with our spiritual duties a daily struggle. There are so many things to do, so many distractions, so many options to every facet of life. For many, it seems that everything on the schedule is far more important than meditation, as though there is all the time in the world to make up for the shortfall in meditation. Our jobs, household duties, family responsibilities, television shows, video games, and hobbies take up so much of our time.

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ISBN: 9789390119110
SKU: WB-4066U
Publisher: BlueRose Publishers
Publish Date: 2020
Page Count: 173

Meet the Author
Blue rose author
I(MR. SALIM J ABDULLA) hereby informs you that my friend's son Mr. SUNIL S SACHWANI working as full time Banker and pursues his hobby and flair for writing religious discourses and articles in his spare time . His religious books are of high standards and gives one insight into the Hindu Religion and the standard of material and discourses can match Radha Swami Satsang Beas and other Saint's discourses which I heard many times on television and heard many times in Pune Maharashtra. The undersigned has read many books of high standard, written by many Saints and their disciples. MR. SUNIL S SACHWANI's insight matches them and 'their disciples the reader truly feels enriched with truth and the path of the great Saints. MR. SUNIL S SACHWANI deserves all help and encouragement to continue with his great work, the trails of spiritual life and writings MR. SUNIL S SACHWANI has bequeathed have got from his father, who was a very successful and intellectual Banker. He would feel be proud of him, if he was alive.

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“A Certain Kind Of Selfishness ”

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