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    Dr.K.G.S.Venkatesan, Nazeer Shaik, Jaga Jeevan Rao.L.,

ISBN: 9789390034208
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A Guide for Software Testing- A Comprehensive Description

by: Dr.K.G.S.Venkatesan, Nazeer Shaik, Jaga Jeevan Rao.L.,
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    “A Guide for Software Testing: A Comprehensive Description” is about how the testing process can be conducted at various positions of a system; its importance and how the testers can approach to test the code. What kind of parameters they would take and how many of testing’s will be conducted and what kind of tools they would take to scrutiny the code? And if any bug out what sort actions to be taken by the testing team against it and how the developer and tester both of them are interpreted in solving the cases at criticality. How they test the object-oriented applications and its issues and testing life cycles etc so almost all the topics were covered according to the job market. Eventually, we should say that if you go through it thoroughly almost you would get an idea about Testing and its strategies. This book can guide us how the testing process would be headed at various organizations. It is a fair guide to the people who wants to become a test-engineer in their careers and it pushes you to learn terminology of testing as well. It is a book all about testing that helps you to imbibe the concepts of it, apparently.

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ISBN: 9789390034208
SKU: 3029
Publisher: BlueRose Publishers
Publish Date: 2020
Page Count: 390

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