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    Sanket Goyal

ISBN: 978-16-40076-18-1
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A Kiss of Death

by: Sanket Goyal


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    Two love birds, Sanket and Shubhi, who believed that they would live together forever, encounter such events which increases their misunderstanding and eventually leads to break up. The anger and frustration of Sanket makes him plan do something which he might regret in the future. Sameer, Sanket’s best friend and guide, always came forward to his rescue and has always guided him the right path every time he found Sanket stuck in a situation. Will he let Sanket go forward with his plan or will try to stop him. Tanvi, Sanket’s childhood friend stands by him whenever he needed her, helps Sanket forget Shubhi and to start life afresh. What will happen if Sanket will ever come face to face with Shubhi? Will Shubhi forgive Sanket? Will everything be as smooth as it was earlier? This romantic thriller takes you through the life’s journey of a guy from his college days to the days when he has a dignified position in the society. The book focuses on the relationships and how each and every individual perceives it in their own way. The different moods that a person goes through, the acceptance of people having nature which are poles apart and the understanding which increases along with the age are the main aspects on which this book focuses.

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ISBN: 978-16-40076-18-1
SKU: 1159
Publisher: BlueRose Publishers
Publish Date: 2017
Page Count: 170

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