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    Dr. Nirjaa Upaadhye

ISBN: 9789390030217
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Abbraccadabra – I create what I speak

by: Dr. Nirjaa Upaadhye
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    “A story by Dr. Nirjaa Upaadhye

    This story is about a couple who had been through the best and the worst in their life and how they managed to get over it by implementing Affirmations & Manifestation techniques. They were drifted back and forth in the cobwebs of ill fate frequently. The only thing which was constant in their life was their togetherness. Their kids had a lot to learn from them. They had seen their parents cutting through the adversities and heading towards their goals.

    This story is you and me, this story is vis-a-vis with our struggle to fit in the Best lot of society, about the will power that is at times overshadowed with the dark clouds of pessimistic thoughts and self-doubt. This story is about our dreams and desires, our needs and wants, our expectations and failures, our hopes and disappointments


    This story is about walking up and taking charge of your life, about being Yourself, about embracing all the good into your life. It’s about the magic that runs within you…Afterall, Thoughts are seeds!!

    There is also a dedicated section in the book for the readers to work upon their wishes and desires by following the given steps.”

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ISBN: 9789390030217
SKU: 3941
Publisher: BlueRose Publishers
Publish Date: 2020
Page Count: 156

Meet the Author
Blue rose author
"Dr. Nirjaa Upaadhye has over 10 years of work experience in the field of Human Resources including industry and teaching (MBA). Her profile also includes mentoring, counseling and Bach flower therapy. She is an entrepreneur and affirmations coach with her happy clients in India and abroad. Apart from writing for newspapers, she has also written three books that are based on management. This is her first book on fiction and self-help. Her multifarious interests reflect her versatility and her thirst for plunging into the creative and constructive projects. She believes- “Miracles happen and they happen to those who are positively positive.”"

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