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    Dr. Sunil Sharma

ISBN: 9789353479268
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Advance Medical Astrology – Part one

by: Dr. Sunil Sharma


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    The present book Advanced Medical Astrology (Part One) exhibited the correlation betwixt Astrology and medical Science. herein expressed the diseases occurred in accordance with planets, signs, and stars of one’s horoscope, with their modern medical nomenclature. I have inculcated the various planetary combinations given in different ancient books for various diseases, with their transformation in modern medical scenario. This book will a boon to every astrologer who can discern from one’s horoscope that a person will suffer from a particular disease in particular time. The book will be a mile stone to the stuudents / Astrologers who aspire study of medical astrology. .

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ISBN: 9789353479268
SKU: 3019
Publisher: BlueRose Publishers
Publish Date: 2019
Page Count: 318

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