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    Kalyan Mitra Paawan.

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by: Kalyan Mitra Paawan.


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    Antarman’ is a poetic book that takes you to a comfortable level of consciousness. In this book, human consciousness, interviews, spirituality, folk life, relationships, spirit, nationality and contemporary themes are threaded in a very beautiful way. This magnificent collection of poems inspires inner strength, compassion and courage. It is a magical poetry book whose poems embrace the challenges of life and beauty beyond our conscious mind. These poems pervade within you to awaken enlightened love.

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Meet the Author
Blue rose author
Acharya 'Kalyan Mitra Paawn' is a spiritual master with sophisticated and divine spiritual insights who, through deep and rigorous practices of his many births, has gained his spiritual experiences associated with cosmic consciousness. His vast personality, with vibrant insight and excellent consciousness, continues to guide the seekers who want to explore the real goals and truths of life and its very subtle and great dimensions. Kalyan Mitra Paawan is an excellent poet, lyricist and writer.

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