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    Vijayasarathi Puchcha

ISBN: 978-93-87038-49-3

Athma Thathwardha Ramayan

by: Vijayasarathi Puchcha


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    ‘Athma Thathwardha Ramayan’ explains the Journey of Jeevathma (soul) to Paramaathma (God): 1)The moving chariot, the body which has ten senses is called Dasaratha. 2)That body which has manas with three gunas Sathva Rajas and thamo gunas are Kausalya, Sumithra, and Kaikeyi. 3)The manas which is turned towards Atma is Sita, 4)The virtues which are meant for Atma to become God is Lakshmana, 5)The body which is meant to do Karma of God is Hanuman, 6)The Bhakti Rasa Thathwam is Bharatha (Who has done Dharma Rakshna when Lord Rama was not present at atmapuri Ayodhya) 7)The enemy for mamakaram i.e., the attachment is Sathrugna. Sathruvulaku Ghanudu (Sathrugna protects the man who has Bhakti Rasa Thathwam to sustain Dharma) 8) The desires in the body is Ravana, 9)The desirous body in which the blood has the three qualities like Vibheeshana, Ravana and Kumbakarna are Sathva Rajas and thamas qualities. 10)The emanated thoughts from the mind are nothing but monkeys 11)That human mind in which the sensual feelings are Vali 12)That human body in which the Jnana Rasam in the Jeevam is nothing but Sugriva (Sareeramuna Uthpathi aiyna Jnana Rasam – Sa + Vu + Ga + Ra + Va) 13)That human body which is full of Daivathvam (Angamuna paru Daivathvam is Angada) 14)The Guru at the Young age is Vasihta (Vairagyam sihtimchesina vadu), the Guru Janaka who gave Sathyam to Rama as His consort, The Guru Viswamithra who makes you do Karma for the welfare of the world. 15)The virtue in us is Lakshmana who is Adesa (one who is with you to obey all the time) and the Karma in us is Hanuman who is Acharana (one who does Karma without any ego and attachment) 16)The bridge towards Manas to kill Desires is the Sethu towards Lanka and after The Kama dahana the coronated place in Ayodhya, 17)The fruit of Sathya Palana and Dharma Rakshana are Lava and Kusa who are nothing but Shanthi and Prema and much more…A must pick up for spiritual enthusiasts!

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ISBN: 978-93-87038-49-3
Publisher: BlueRose Publishers
Publish Date: 2017
Page Count: 266

Meet the Author
Blue rose author
VijayaSarathi Puchcha is a fifty-six-year-old poet in English and Telugu (Indian language), who settled in Prasanthi Nilayam, Puttaparthi, Anantapuramu, Andhra Pradesh. After completing M.Sc. in Chennai, he is employed at Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning (Deemed University). His life sojourn starts at Puttaparthi and continues… Having lived in the close proximity with Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba of Puttaparthi, and having read the literature of all faiths, the natural thinking in line with innate philosophical meaning in life and living in the journey of knowing the omnipresent, omniscience and omnipotent concept sprouted and shared, depicting Lord Sri Rama Thathwam (Philosophical inner meanings in life and living of Lord Rama). His latent passion in writing poetry from childhood, expressing the philosophical and experiential meaning of life, living in a society with a purpose, by staying and being employed at Prasanthi Nilayam reflected more. The comprehensive reading of the epic story of Lord Rama, Poems, Songs and Thathwam of each episode in Ramayan takes anyone to realize that all the characters in Ramayan are in one’s own self, all Philosophical inner meanings in Ramayan are guideposts for the journey of the soul towards God. His thirst for knowing inner philosophical meaning in great scriptures and reflection in poetry is visible. He can be contacted by email, pvijayasarathi@gmail.com for suggestions, sharing of experience, and corrections if any.

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