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    Abhishek Shukla

ISBN: "978-93-87923-31-7"
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Becoming Investorji-Fundamental Analysis for Newbies

by: Abhishek Shukla


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    Buying and selling of stock is an easy task and anyone can do it. But what to buy, when to buy, at what price to buy, how much capital to allocate and when to sell are the questions for which many investors don’t have the answer. Though anyone can do buying and selling of shares without knowledge, that won’t make money. Just like a prior knowledge and training is required to do any task efficiently, training is required to invest efficiently in stocks also. Sensex was at 100 points in 1979 and today at 30,000+, despite the 15% CAGR growth in the market many fail to earn here just because of lack of knowledge and understanding of the stock market. This book explains in an easy manner various investing principles. From this book, you can learn.

    · How to find the right industry to invest.

    · How to read the annual reports and financial statements.

    · How to get stock ideas.

    · How to do the valuation of stock price.

    · How to design a profit-maximizing and risk minimizing portfolio.

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ISBN: "978-93-87923-31-7"
SKU: 1650
Publisher: BlueRose Publishers
Publish Date: 2018
Page Count: 183

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“Becoming Investorji-Fundamental Analysis for Newbies”

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