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    Jaswinder Singh

ISBN: 9789389888379
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Can I tell You Something

by: Jaswinder Singh
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    In the slum neighborhoods where Protsahan works, educating children, especially girls has never been a priority
    for most families. Sexual and physical abuse is also quite common. Given the situation, it is necessary to educate
    the children and their parents about sexual off ences and their eff ects on children’s health and wellbeing.
    It is of utmost importance for every parent to educate their children about the threats of physical and sexual
    abuse. While planning to launch an educational storybook that talks about sexual abuse and the laws in place to
    address it eff ectively for children, we realized the need to ensure that such a book must be written in the simplest
    of words. Yet, it had to be interactive so that the readers may engage in the book, and then start conversations on
    the topic of Child Sexual Abuse.
    With the help of our donors and supporters, we are now ready to take this initiative to millions of children in
    India, UK, USA, and South Africa, and educate them about the laws in place to protect them from sexual abuse
    and abusers.
    This book is written and designed to ensure that children and their parents understand the legal framework
    available to help them if they come across a case of sexual abuse being committed against a child around them.
    We hope that this book will help all of us understand better that in such a case, a child is not responsible for the
    actions of the accused. That would be the fi rst step to ensure justice for the children, and eradicate the scourge of
    child sexual abuse from our society.

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ISBN: 9789389888379
SKU: 3731
Publisher: BlueRose Publishers
Publish Date: 2020
Page Count: 64

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