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    Shyam Kishore sharma

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Cancer Sahayko ki margdarshika

by: Shyam Kishore sharma


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About This Book

    This book “cancer sahayko ki marg darshika” is the Hindi translation of “GUIDE FOR CANCER SUPPORTS” written by Richard A. Bloch of USA, a businessman who was diagnosed with an advanced Lungs Cancer and the doctor gave him about three months of expected life span only. He however refused to give up and surrender and decided to give a determined fight to his cancer with the support of his family. ith his dedicated eforts and determination he wwas ultimately able to defeat his dread cancer survived and lived a long healthy life after that.

    in this book, the author has tried to share emotions and sentiments of his family and himself, the extreme level of dejection and happiness from moment to moment right from the stage of diagnosis’s, searching for the right doctror who could assure him a guaranteed treatment, mental and physical preparation before and during the painful treatment and the healing process after the treatment.

    Thw ultimate objective of this book is to motivate and inspire the cancer patients to shirk off his fear about cancer, treat is as like any other diereses which can also be cured if diagnosed in time. Know as much as possible about it which wwwill help him to come out of his physiological fear the cancer is a full stop on all hopes. The book provides some very vital and useful information about cancer – what it is, how it originates and grows in the body, the common symptoms, various treatment therapy available, preliminary information about each, the possible side effects and how to overcome these, varios common quarries and their answers by some experts doctors etc. This is based on an intensive research done by him after he dedicated himself and his wentire familyfor the help and service of cancer patients, survivers and their families, through various NGOs.

    While the other two books moves around the cancer patient, doictors and the treatment process, this book has the cancer supports as their main focus. It explains the importance the near and dears of the patient who plays a no lesser role in the treatment process than the doctors. So it is very vital that they must take full care of their physical, mental and psychological fitness. If some thing wrong goes with them the whole process will come to a stand still. Some very useful tips have been suggested for that.

    the book, has been translated with their written permission (the consent letter is on the first page) and is edited by a panel of doctors for aunthanticity of the translation.

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ISBN: 9789353477714
SKU: 3049
Publisher: BlueRose Publishers
Publish Date: 2019
Page Count: 84

Meet the Author
Blue rose author
The author is a B.Text. MBA who has served in various renowned textile industries from 1971 to 2018. He, apart from this book has also translated two more books written by the same author about his experience - " Cancer there's hope' & " GUIDE FOR CANCER SUPPORTS" as " cancer ummid abhi hai" & " cancer sahayko ki marg darshika'

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