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    Prof. Venkateshwar Pujari

ISBN: 9789389888690
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“CBT” in renewing Mental Ability and Health

by: Prof. Venkateshwar Pujari


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    Through practical, everyday situations, the author tells us about the various kinds of Cognitive disorders that can be improved or cured by CBT; the various age groups it can affect, and how CBT can help at these various stages in life. He speaks about the cognitive biases in everyday life as well as the cognitive rehabilitation necessary for the various disorders.

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ISBN: 9789389888690
SKU: 3594
Publisher: BlueRose Publishers
Publish Date: 2020
Page Count: 124

Meet the Author
Blue rose author
"""Prof. Venkateswar Pujari is an alumnus of Oxford University, INSEAD and Harvard Business School. He is the Founder chairman of the “Indo American Institutions” in Visakhapatnam. He is the author of “Vision of Indian Tourism”, “Brain Development” and “Energising Life”. Being an educationist for the past two and half decades, his close observation has been on the process and potential of Human brain Vis-à-vis human behavior in the younger generation and executives in the corporate world. Having understood the limitations of human beings, their socio psychological sufferings, and the stigma attached to accept or visit a counselor, has lead him to do extensive research in finding out the areas where people could get necessary help and advice. He is a member of Cognitive Neuroscience Society, USA and Indian Association for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy."""

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