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    Ancient Indian Yoga has a very wide history, with regard to the origin and development of Indian civilization in the modern times today. A human being has more than seventy two thousand nadis but only a few of them perform the main functions. The three most important nadis are: Susumna nadi, Pingala nadi and Ida nadi. The energies of the body and mind circulate mainly through these nadis and the seven chakras/endocrine glands dispersed in the Susumna nadi accommodate and control the circulation of the nadis. The seven chakras and endocrine glands is the central master. It controls the accumulation of the energies of the body and mind as well as the conscious revelation and sublimation centre of different aspects. According to the traditional doctrine of yoga the body consists of five elements and these elements are controlled by different chakras and glands. Two of them are controlled, healed and enhanced by yogic practices. This reunion after thousands of years, simultaneously declares a miraculous advent of yoga: hence, a great way of liberating life in the most prefect and suitable way to adopt the modern lifestyle in this distressful world. Thus, this book highlights the true reality that everyone should look for and practice.

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ISBN: 9789390034079
SKU: 3794
Publisher: BlueRose Publishers
Publish Date: 2020
Page Count: 170

Meet the Author
Blue rose author
Dr. Siddappa Naragatti (h.c) Earned his graduation in B.com and his post graduation in PGDYS, M.A. (phi) KUD (Kar), M.A. (Psy), KSOU, Mysore (Kar), M.A. SOLPM & Y JVBU, (Raj), PGDVES & M.B.A AU, Tamil Nadu. UGC NET. National Virtual University for Peace and Education awarded his Honorary Doctorate in Yoga Therapy. He has served India and Abroad, working with CCRYN/MofAYUSH Govt.of India. He has 35 papers and eight books published in his name. He devoted 28 years to Prajapita Brahma Kumaris Rajyoga Meditation, and has spent more than 24 years to ancient traditional yoga practices.

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