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    Poetries are small versions of beautiful life experiences and ideas. Shruti’s poetry writings are metaphorical. She chained the words explicitly and blossomed them in this book. This book denotes the fascinating rhythm of life, love, romance, and struggle one goes through. She had put opinions, belief and theories of society and how one determine the facts and cope with it. Proximity to truth and factuality is represented through her opinion. This book marks the sophistication and social status that every one usually battle along. It represents love in both true and beguiling way. In this book the poetries are represented in form of nature related to the feelings of the expression. Every poetry is different in its own way, woven with purest colours of humanity and its creation. It is the fusion of high’s and low’s.
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ISBN: 978-93-90396-35-1
SKU: 4123
Publisher: BlueRose Publishers
Publish Date: 2020
Page Count: 57

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