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    Nirmal Radhakrishnan

ISBN: 9789353474065
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Crossing over

by: Nirmal Radhakrishnan
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    A master writer reflecting on his illustrious career on his 70 th birthday, a half-gold mongoose
    searching for perfection across ages, an aging painter trying to outdo the emerging craft of
    photography, an avatar choosing to go back to his reality, a government clerk who stumbles upon
    the theory of everything, a mysterious lady doomed to kill anyone who have her, an autoriksha
    driver haunted by the memory an accident that cost him his daughter- Crossing Over deals with
    stories of people transcending the outer layers of life and going deeper in search of meaning. As they
    cast aside the crosses of their lives and embark on new journeys their lives become treatises on how
    the stream of life finds a way around each obstacle and run through the many paths of redemption
    before it finds the ultimate salvation. With themes ranging from unabashedly nostalgic to
    mundanely realistic and from engagingly mystical to unapologetically absurd these stories seek to
    make the reader reaffirm his faith on life and literature.

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ISBN: 9789353474065
SKU: 2724
Publisher: BlueRose Publishers
Publish Date: 2019
Page Count: 87

Meet the Author
Blue rose author
Nirmal Radhakrishnan is a banker and a literature student.

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