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    Vrinda Khetan

ISBN: "978-93-88287-59-3"
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by: Vrinda Khetan
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    Not Everytime you’re allowed to chase your dream career! Not Everytime you’re brave enough to overcome from the cluster of memories! Not Everytime you’re destined to meet your soulmate. Not Everytime, you’re capable of following your passion. But what if someone tells you that the universe pushes you towards your dream? Would you believe in the magic of universe? Aisha, an affable aspirant who sacrifices her dream career for the smile of her parents. Sagar, a creative student who’s passionate about travelling. Reyansh, a shattered heart yet spreads fragrance of smile everywhere. Arjun, a student who is crazy for the girl of his dreams. Tia, a brave soul who met with the greatest fall of her life but still she didn’t lose hope. But what if these five lives cross the road of one another and make several promises? Would everyone be able to keep those promises? Would they set example for the term ‘loyalty’ still exists? Would Aisha be able to accomplish her dream career? Would Reyansh be able to overcome melancholy to be happy once again? Would Arjun be able to meet the beauty of her dream? Would Sagar be able to travel the world? Would Tia be able to change her perspective?

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ISBN: "978-93-88287-59-3"
SKU: 2006
Publisher: BlueRose Publishers
Publish Date: 2018
Page Count: 282

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