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    Dr. Sushma Nayal

ISBN: 9789389888133
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Dharm Avam Samaj

by: Dr. Sushma Nayal


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    This book gives you the authentic information and references to religion and theology, All religion based on the human values and humanity, but same geographical, socio-cultural differences build-up different religion and religious value, but according to the sociological aspect- ‘religion is an Institution for every human behaviour and there socialization’, although religion breaks all barriers of society including socio-cultural, racial and political. Religion based on the ‘whole worlds is a family’ (Mahopnishada chap,. 04, shloka 71) and we are all the different Unit of one tree. Religion and society book the Classic genre book, the book are based in a classic method and set in the cultural-religious decades. Religion and Society genuinely takes knowledge in the very authentic information of the theology

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ISBN: 9789389888133
SKU: 3469
Publisher: BlueRose Publishers
Publish Date: 2020
Page Count: 191

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“Dharm Avam Samaj”

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