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    Manisha Sharma

ISBN: 9789353471637
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Doll House

by: Manisha Sharma


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    “The ‘ Doll House ‘ Novel exposes the shameless and untold truth behind the women’s life in the Indian society . Our society worships woman in the form of goddesses, but simultaneously engages inruthless mental and physical rape of the same women . This irony and prejudice can be realized through this novel . In this false shiny world of physiognomy, the attraction of the bundle of colorful crispy notes has dragged them towards a point of no return. In these glittering narrow street of Mumbai , such womanhood is either wandering around to maintain her simple existence or is constrained due to circumstances on this painful path of life. Their body is simply breathing to maintain their life and every moment a piece of their body and soul dies. They are an embodiment of broken femininity and shattered dreams. This real picture has been laid out in this Novel.
    Forced to work in ‘ Bar House ‘ surrounded by compulsions, the characters of ‘ Doll House ‘ Kshama ,Nissar, Maya, Ragini represents the class of women of the Indian society who have come here struggling and fighting for their survival. When we tried to know the truth of the life of these women, we found that they are living their lives on such a miserable and worthless conditions, where they have no choice but to undergo the guise of self – mortification and people’s greedy behavior.

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ISBN: 9789353471637
SKU: 2435
Publisher: BlueRose Publishers
Publish Date: 2019
Page Count: 189

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