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    Sagar Yogi

ISBN: 9789353474362
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Ek kadam apni or

by: Sagar Yogi
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About This Book
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    This book is a Sanjeevani potion in an elixir adapted to time and circumstance.
    The rest depends on the reader as to how he uses Sanjeevani potion with positive in his life.
    I hope this book will make you aware of different aspects of human life.

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ISBN: 9789353474362
SKU: 2699
Publisher: BlueRose Publishers
Publish Date: 2019
Page Count: 88

Meet the Author
Blue rose author
Sagar Yogi Ji is a scholar and a man who has a curiosity about spirituality. In many disciplines, he has attained spiritual knowledge. Their thinking and attitude toward spirituality are simple and easy. They have touched human life with great depth, and their objective is to free man from negative thoughts and to transmit positive energy in it so that humans can touch the infinite peak in their life. Sagar Ji says that every person has a part of God inside us. We can not understand this because of our ignorance and do wrong deeds. We meet all of us throughout life, make relationships, make friends, move on to the family, but even after doing all this work, we think that there is something missing that some feeling is empty, we forget something like this. For which we have been born The life of a human being is not limited to just the family, but it is due to some extremely infinite experiences and being acquainted with oneself. We give our whole life but never meet ourselves, and then also the time comes when we think I have to know about life but by then it is too late. It is the purpose of Sagar Ji to introduce a man to himself and to enlighten him.

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