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    Manash Kumar Mishra

ISBN: 9789353471682
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Encounters With The Supreme

by: Manash Kumar Mishra
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    He was seven when he questioned himself, “Who am I?” “What am I doing here?” Being a descendent of a Tantric family, since early childhood, he was introduced to Aghori practices that led him to acquiring unfathomable Siddhis. By the age of 14, his parents started keeping him away from these practices, as he was showing signs of renunciation. Everything was paused till he was 27, and beyond that he started experiencing those Siddhis again, in a strangely different form. He started becoming more clairvoyant. He could see things before they really happened and the starting point was when he was able to predict the time of his father’s death. Following the death of his father, he became more inquisitive and started getting answers, thinking that he was talking to himself, but soon he discovered that it was not him. Instead, he was being guided by someone else, the formless, whom he calls now “Supreme.” The realization not only changed him as a human being, but also changed the way he perceived the world. Now, he is dancing in bliss and bathing in the wisdom of the Divine. Every encounter with Supreme has been unique and has brought to light answers, in the simplest form, even to the most complicated questions of life; such as birth, death, soul, God, reincarnation, universe, karma, desires, heaven, hell and the infinite. And now he is ready to share the wisdom that he has acquired through Encounters With The Supreme.

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ISBN: 9789353471682
SKU: 2345
Publisher: BlueRose Publishers
Publish Date: 2019
Page Count: 158

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