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    Asra Noorin

ISBN: 9789390119929
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Enlightening Of Perspectives – (A Deep Check Towards Reality)

by: Asra Noorin


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    “Most of us might have suffered a lot in silence. Sometimes we must have
    also misunderstood people, places, circumstances, and even destiny as well.
    “Pessimistic thoughts are devilish whereas an optimistic mindset is the real
    intrinsic asset behind a fruitful outcome.” Problems, obstacles, and the
    agony a person has can be of many reasons. The Mindful fact that one has to
    recognize the consequences and must be aware of real life glorifies a
    person’s living by application of his/her broadened intellect. Life is not just
    about being professional or just being personal. It is a combination of both.
    You will endure and learn in every aspect. In fact, without learning and
    without having visionary perception there will be something that seems to be
    missing or empty in life. Keeping in mind everyone and every single thing,
    Author Asra Noorin has written this book in a very simplified language with
    the usage of clear vocabulary that it should be very easier for her readers to
    understand. Asra has specifically added her impact of words in everything
    she has written in connection to the reality everybody faces. This book is
    going to connect you with emotions, motivation, and guidance throughout.
    The reality is going to hit you deep and you will be certainly moved by the
    way the author has depicted it. Asra has also written 10pages of this book in
    Telugu and Hindi language trying to make her words reach effectively into
    the hearts of people.”

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ISBN: 9789390119929
SKU: 4114
Publisher: BlueRose Publishers
Publish Date: 2020
Page Count: 206

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“Enlightening Of Perspectives – (A Deep Check Towards Reality)”

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