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    Smita Singh

ISBN: 9789353474775
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Fighting With My Inner Demons

by: Smita Singh


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    The book tells about the author’s struggles with mental illnesses like depression, anxiety disorder and panic attacks that she faced after learning that her partner had been unfaithful with her. Initially, she lost interest in life as a whole. Everything detested her. There was a point when she wanted to end her life and even tried to leave her home. This book tells her journey of dealing with all the heartbreak, pain and loneliness. The darkness that had engulfed her and would not let her come out of the dark pit. One day an incident makes her realize that she has to fight back for herself and her children. Since then she has retaken a hold of her life. She started teaching her mind and heart to like new things, be more creative and make every day goals and then plans on how to achieve them. She realizes that achievements do matter and the smallest achievements warrant celebrations. Why she needs to hang on, to believe for a better tomorrow and not to give up. Relapses did not move her. How writing helped her to cope with the situation she was in. How she found out a way to tame her inner demons and hold a little candle in the darkest of hours.

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ISBN: 9789353474775
SKU: 2824
Publisher: BlueRose Publishers
Publish Date: 2019
Page Count: 48

Meet the Author
Blue rose author
The author of this book is Smita Singh. She did her schooling and higher studies from Jaipur, Rajasthan. She is an M.A. in History and has varied interests like reading, writing, painting, traveling and listening to music. She is married and has two kids. This is her first book, though she has also written many blogs relating to writing and photography. She is also a member of many writing portals. She plans to start a travel Vlog soon as well.

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“Fighting With My Inner Demons”

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