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    Pooja Gupta

ISBN: 9789353476878
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by: Pooja Gupta
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    Children who struggle with reading usually struggle to memorise spelling and phonic rules. They get scared because of difficulties in understanding spelling rules. Sometimes rules don’t work because of many exceptions in English, which is because of the vastness of the language and the many languages from which it has been borrowed. The rules do work, however, for a majority of the words. Rules must not be considered useless as they result in the accurate pronunciation or spelling of written words. Being perfect at spelling rules is quite hard, but not impossible. Various rules contain a list of words which would enable you to eliminate your mistakes in spelling. Improving the skills of spelling, reading, as well as pronouncing words would be clearly possible after having an understanding of all the spellings and pronunciation rules. In order to be a good speller, one needs to be competent at knowing each and every criteria of English history, and how words are formattted. Knowing English spelling rules will add a lustre to your English. A single spelling rule will tell you about numerous words’ formatting, sound, logic, etc. Covering the ideas of syllable stress, silent letters, common phonic rules, and American and British words is the major purpose of this book. It is going to a teacher for guiding all the criteria of English words. Information has been wrapped up in order to access the requirements of learners. Even an average student would not find any difficulties in reading and understanding this book.

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ISBN: 9789353476878
SKU: 2946
Publisher: BlueRose Publishers
Publish Date: 2019
Page Count: 265

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