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    Dr. Bineesh Balakrishnan

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Freigeist… An Unfettered Soul…

by: Dr. Bineesh Balakrishnan


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About This Book

    Reading changes our very state of existence in a trice. Sometimes words sink deep into our souls, & heal us in more ways than one. This book ‘Freigeist'( German word meaning ‘Free spirit’) is a compilation of rock songs, micropoetry, quotes, short stories & random thoughts. The book has been divided into sections, but you can always jump from one to the other, or start off reading from any particular section, if that suits you. The sections in this book are on:-

    (1). True love
    (2). Tough stuff
    (3). Stuff to ponder over
    (4).Harsh realities of life
    (5). Feel good pieces

    The language is not too sophisticated, & some pieces have a short description at the end ( to clarify what the piece means to the author). There’s a little in this book for everyone, irrespective of what life is doling out to us at present. By this compilation the author takes us on a ride through the various avenues of existence, it’s realities & ironies. This roller coaster ride is intended to open our minds & light up our souls. So dive into the pages of this book & have a good time….

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ISBN: "978-93-87792-57-9"
SKU: 1598
Publisher: BlueRose Publishers
Publish Date: 2018
Page Count: 171

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“Freigeist… An Unfettered Soul…”

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